The beach of Straccoligno ... only 150 meters far!

Straccoligno Beach

In an area where the nature all around has remained untouched, the Beach of Straccoligno is between Punta di Capo Perla and Punta di Liscolino, on the eastern side on the Island of Elba.

It is one of three beaches, the other two being Ferrato - more rugged - on the right, and little Straccoligno on the left.

Straccoligno is about 230 metres long and is exposed only to eastern winds; the turquoise water is shallow till quite far out, so this, plus the untouched nature, the quiet and peaceful atmosphere, and the comforts make it a much loved beach.

You can rent sun beds, sun umbrellas, pedalòs and small boats on the beach, and since there is also a restaurant and a bar, it is very popular among families with small children.

It is an excellent starting point if you want to sail to the tiny, beautiful and natural coves and beaches on the right (Ferrato, Calanova, Istia etc), or Capo Perla beach on the left, with the majestic Forte Focardo built by the Spanish in 1678 at the top.

From Capoliveri it is easy to get to Straccoligno beach: just follow the signs along the tarred road for about 3 km. During the summer months, a bus shuttle service starting off at the Town Council building in Piazza del Cavatore in Capoliveri gets you to and from the beach.